Sun June 21 vs Phoenix @ Key Arena


(Photo credit: Neil Enns)

The defending champions came to town without Taurasi (sitting out 2015) and Griner (suspended 7 games). Not that we missed them much. Though Taurasi is always fun to tease…

The Storm won the first quarter 21-19 with 6 players scoring, led by Renee’s 6 off the bench. (she appears to be applying for her 2nd 6th Woman of the Year award.) The second quarter featured 6 scoring runs of 5 and 6 points. Unfortunately, 4 of those runs were by Phoenix and they won the quarter 25-15 to take an 8 point lead into the half-time break.

The third quarter saw a little Storm surge to twice pull within 4, but a 6-0 run by Phoenix kept the Storm’s quarter advantage to 1 point, leaving them 7 points down at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Midway through the 4th quarter the Storm pulled within 2 on a Bird jump shot but they just couldn’t hold down Phoenix, who scored 6 unanswered points at the end of the quarter to win 84-72.

In a season where we are looking for improvement, there were a few bright spots. The Storm’s shooting percentage from the floor was 46.7%, better than Phoenix’s. Unfortunately, we were 1-13 from 3. Had we hit a respectable 33%, we would have won the game by 2. And if wishes were horses…

The refs seemed to like the sound of their whistles, especially when Abby was in the game. She again notched 4 blocks but at the cost of fouls. The Mercury went to the Charity Stripe 28 times to our 19. We did outrebound the Mercury, on the back of 9 rebounds from Johnny-on-the-Spot AC, and we outscored them in the paint 46-26. We’ll see how that stat holds up when Griner returns; she is definitely a game changer but Lang does not back down!

Q was 2/2 and leads the Storm in shooting percentage at .615 for the season. She doesn’t shoot often, but she is accurate when she releases the ball. AC is .643 for the season with a .444 % from three points; she has really worked her way up to a solid contributor after trying her first three seasons to just make a WNBA team. She’s now considered a veteran on this young team.

Next up: Pride Night at the Key June 25th vs Minn.

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*DISCLAIMER:  these recaps are written by Lynn Slaughter, an avid Storm fan with absolutely no basketball training, never played the game (can’t jump and throw simultaneously), but she HAS read “Basketball for Dummies.” Her opinions and comments are entirely her own and do not in any way represent the views of anyone with a monetary interest in the Seattle Storm; neither those who draw a paycheck nor those who provide the financial underpinnings of the organization (aka Force 10 Hoops, LLC).  I apologize for any bad grammar or typos; I do not allow my usual editor to touch these gems.