(Photo credit: Neil Enns)

The two stories of this game were Abby’s Block Party and the questionable ref-fing (a favorite lament of any sports fan). Connecticut brought a 3-1 record with their newly re-vamped line-up, including Millie and Strick who were traded for Renee and KML. Very odd to see Millie in navy blue! And she still had the same moves and they still worked. She notched 12 points for the game.

The Storm won the first quarter 19-17, but then the wheels fell off the bus and the refs decided if a player in white came within a foot of a player in navy, it was a foul. At one point late in the game after a particularly questionable call Abby and Jenna in unison said “WHAT?!?”

The Storm lost the following three quarters and the game in a 58-79 loss. But there WERE some highlights. One of which was having the team at home again. Another was Abby’s previously mentioned blocks; she recorded 4 while being whistled for 4 fouls, so a few in the arena felt she had more than 4 blocks, and a good defense attorney could prove it. She also stole the ball 2 times, so she was doing her best on defense. She must have been too busy with that as she only took two shots, making the 3-pointer.

 The Storm played a good, and aggressive, inside game, matching Conn’s 28 points in the paint. Many of those were Lang who scored a team-high 13 points and 6 rebounds. Lang was also 3/3 from the Charity Stripe, a vast improvement over her struggles in previous games. Maybe it was the basketball she received before the game to commemorate her 3000 points scored in the WNBA. AC had a solid game with 4/6 shooting, 1/3 from 3, 3/5 free throws (ok, that’s not so great), and 2 rebounds. I like the way her feet are always moving. She gets rebounds because she’s in the right place on the floor, not because she jumps higher than anyone. And Renee is contributing well off the bench. 3/7 with 4 rebounds. And Jewell added 8 points but committed 3 turnovers and an alleged 2 fouls. As quick as she is, overall the Conn team was quicker and more physical than the Storm.

Overall, the team continues to struggle to get that darn ball in the hoop. 39.6% from the floor, 18.2% from three and 77.8% from the free throw line. They now have a break until Sunday and you can bet that Jenny, Ryan and Rob will be working on shooting. They are rumored to be among the best at coaching players with their shot so we’ll look for continued improvement.

And as the person who sits next to me says, “Long view. Take the long view.” We are the youngest team in the WNBA.

Next up: Sunday 6-21 @ the Key vs Phoenix

*DISCLAIMER:  these recaps are written by Lynn Slaughter, an avid Storm fan with absolutely no basketball training, never played the game (can’t jump and throw simultaneously), but she HAS read “Basketball for Dummies.” Her opinions and comments are entirely her own and do not in any way represent the views of anyone with a monetary interest in the Seattle Storm; neither those who draw a paycheck nor those who provide the financial underpinnings of the organization (aka Force 10 Hoops, LLC).  I apologize for any bad grammar or typos; I do not allow my usual editor to touch these gems.