Today’s a big day for me, the culmination of over six years of work: the publication of my memoir. I wrote Course Correction with the intention that, if there’s someone out there who’s stuck the way I was when I was a young person, I may change the trajectory of their thinking.

I was horribly lonely for a long time, from my pre-teen years throughout my 20’s. I wasn’t lonely because I was unpopular, although I wasn’t exactly Ms. Charisma, that’s for sure. I felt really isolated from other people, unable to share much of my personal experience, to confess my hopes and dreams, cop to my failures, anything. Why? Because I was afraid, plagued by self-doubt. Fear dominated so much of my thinking and shaped my world view in those years so extensively that I could not open up to anyone and talk authentically about much of anything.

A near-tragedy in my family introduced me to fear of the future, when my mother almost died.

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