The Winter Solstice

  I know it’s Christmas time, but there’s something I love more than presents, much more. In fact, I don’t really like receiving presents. I struggle to muster appreciation, because I usually feel undeserving; I’m usually dissatisfied with myself in some way or another. Either I’ve lost my cool and been less than pleasant to my wife about something trivial, or I’ve made a crummy business decision that’s reverberated badly and disrupted an intended outcome, or I’m behind on my daily exercise regimen, or something else…. You get the picture. But the winter solstice, now that’s an occasion I can wholeheartedly celebrate. It’s actually just a single moment in time, one that arrives each year right around December 20th, when the northern hemisphere is shrouded in darkness longer than any other time of the year. I love its arrival, because the shortest day of the year heralds the slow return of longer days, and everyone in our hemisphere knows that longer days means SUMMER! And I love summer. I love the sunshine, the warm weather, the seemingly endless daylight in the great NW that we luxuriate in, our payback for the meager eight and not-quite-a-half hours we are eked out at this time of year, most of which are dimmed by the fog that hugs our many lakes or the steel grey clouds that dominate our skies. […]